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Bestel & Associates excels at developing successful corporate and marketing communications and public relations strategies, and program management and implementation to early- to mid-stage, technology-driven, entrepreneurial ventures. Our focus is on selling Technology - semiconductors and electronic components, wired and wireless products and services, networking, storage and information systems, internet services and consumer electronics - but remembering we are marketing the value it brings to humans.

This technical prowess has evolved into an ability to develop excellent marketing programs and services. With the growing need for a prevalent marketing presence on the internet and through social networks, our list of clients and their success keeps growing.

Founded in 1994, Bestel & Associates is the culmination of years of experience with technology products and the change they bring to both businesses and consumers. For nearly 20 years, Robin Bestel has developed marketing programs to successfully launch dozens of startups and hundreds of new products and services. Robin Bestel has helped companies that develop and apply innovative technology, products and services build brands that the world can understand, get excited about, and adopt.

Robin Bestel makes the difference between simply presenting ideas and successfully implementing results-oriented branding. She can bring to her clients a team of top technical and highly creative, professional talent in all key areas of marketing communications and public relations.

Call Robin Bestel today at 610-428-5845 or send her an email to robin@bestelnet.com.


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